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    MAXI CARE Protect

    Extended Protection to ensure a superior harvest.

    MAXI CARE Protect

    Extended Protection to ensure a superior harvest.

    Maximum operating reliability.

    The MAXI CARE Protect package from CLAAS provides Extended Protection for harvesting machines, tractors, and balers - all customized according to your specific requirements.

    MAXI CARE Protect covers CLAAS ORIGINAL parts (excluding wear parts), along with repairs carried out by your qualified CLAAS dealer. This means you can concentrate on your core business and leave the service work to your skilled CLAAS specialist.

    Please note: Keeping up with maintenance services is a basic requirement for any Extended Protection.

    The benefits at a glance.

    CLAAS offers comprehensive extended machine protection designed to be flexible in meeting your operational needs - including?flexible term lengths, annual usage segments, and three different deductible options to choose from.
    • Extended Protection: Protection of your CLAAS equipment for up to four years?beyond the Limited Basic Warranty
    • CLAAS ORIGINAL parts: Your machine will be repaired using the CLAAS ORIGINAL parts specifically designed for your CLAAS equipment
    • CLAAS expert service: All work is carried out by a professional CLAAS dealer
    • Financing available: Plans can be financed through CLAAS FINANCIAL SERVICES
    • Fixed repair costs: Predictable operation costs for your CLAAS equipment

    Contact your CLAAS dealer to see what MAXI CARE Protect option maximizes your operation.

    Coverage for worry-free operation.